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Challenge Yourself by Using Email Marketing

Email is a powerful medium to communicate with prospective customers and existing customers. However, it still has many shortcomings. If you are planning to do email marketing, you should know its limitations so that you can be aware of its pros and cons. Some of the pros and cons of email marketing are listed below: 1. Lack of personalization capability: You cannot personalize emails in any way. You might be able to in the future as a one-time offer but not now. When you opt in for subscribers list, you are agreeing to include their emails in your mailings. That should be a personal invitation to join your list. 2. Low response rate: Some marketers think that just by including a list of email addresses their email marketing will bring good response, however, that is a fallacy. Email marketing is not like the phone book. You need to build a personal relationship with your list. The reason is you want customers to buy from you and not from everyone. 3. Spamming: Spamming is the technique of sending emails to a large group of people who did not subscribe to receive them. Normally, it is done by adding others' names in the "to" field. This usually results in emails going to the recipient's spam folder. 4. Bad emails: Some people use some software that automatically sends out emails to the people who don't want them. These have a very nasty habit of deleting messages without even sending a message to the recipients. It is an easy way to get rid of any unwanted mail. It is also extremely easy to make bad emails. If you are not sure of it, then you should use a good email marketing program. There are many reasons for the poor response of emails. The biggest reason is that you are just not personalizing them enough. It’s really important that you make up your mind to be personal and try it. The other reason is spam filters. Most people don't know the reason why their emails are not being delivered. Some people don't like receiving what they perceive as spam and send it straight to junk mail. This is quite natural. However, what they don't know is why some emails are being delivered but the recipient doesn't see them. This is the reason why it is a challenge: to see it in action.

So, when you are building your email marketing list, try your best to see it in action. You can try it yourself as a challenge.

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