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Content Creation - The Content and Brand - why video is important for growing your brand.


In recent years, video has taken social media by storm and has become an important element in building a successful brand. Video has long been an effective content type for successful organic and paid social strategies, but the popularity and viral potential of short-form video like TikTok and Reels offer brands a new opportunity to reach new audiences. Video on these platforms can give brands of any size a competitive edge, offer an opportunity to reach a young Gen Z audience, and showcase the brand's humor and humanity. Even scripted videos can offer brands an opportunity to interact with consumers. Here are five video tips to help you succeed. 1. Select a visually interesting creative. Creatives that look like advertisements and don't work are the most common mistake. Select creatives that are not a parody of something and that do not appear to be promoting a brand. Don't forget to include captions that explain the function of the video. A good example is @Toys'RUs tweet that included short video and the toy company's caption. The video gave customers an insight into the toy company's recent product launches, while the caption explained the product and its characteristics. 2. Ensure that the content is highly relevant and interesting to the target audience. There is no such thing as a boring video. Instead, consider keeping the video's visual content interesting to the target audience. If the target audience will not be comfortable with the content, it will fail to get shared, and become an example of what not to do in social media marketing. Remember, there's a new generation of social consumers who have grown up with social media. Rather than trying to push an existing generation into your product, try to appeal to those new social consumers, who tend to be very curious and new to your product or service. Make sure the video is interesting for the new social consumers. 3. Ensure the video communicates the brand's message and enhances the brand's image. The company needs to work with the creative team to ensure that the video has the right message and adds to the overall brand experience. Brand communication should be carried out in an authentic way. It is about being consistent in representing the brand, rather than marketing and advertising by different companies. The video should help customers form their own opinion of the brand, and try to get an overall opinion of the brand, rather than just that of a social media channel. The video can help customers form their own opinion, so why not help them form an overall opinion? Content creation involves lots of work, but the outcome of the content, if successful, is a good impression of the brand. In social media marketing, it also creates loyal customers who will be willing to tell others about your brand, and their friends and colleagues. Content creation also has a greater chance of making the content shared, and, when used in the right way, will be shared in a positive and empowering manner. Content creation should be considered as a form of communication If it's done well, it can achieve the goal of marketing the company. The content creation process can be automated, so there's no need for the employees to be involved. This also reduces the overall cost incurred, so there's no need to hire extra staff, or cut existing staff. It's just the human element that gets involved. Content creation should be considered an important aspect of marketing and also a priority area in marketing.

If you are struggling to produce interesting content, or simply don't have the time to write and produce your own videos, the experts at Promo Xpertz can help They've been helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and non profits to grow and to move their marketing forward while focusing on the day to day running of their business. Contact Diane Carson at 636-399-7777 or email for a FREE one hour consultation to discuss what has worked or for you and how we can assist you with getting to the next level. Visit the company's website at for more information.


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