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Effective Marketing Tips - Don't Make Offers To New Prospects


Digital marketers tend to focus on acquiring traffic to a website. This is where marketing budgets are usually spent. Yet, making the most of that traffic you acquire is a much smarter (and a more effective) marketing strategy. First of all, it doesn’t require huge on-going budgets (unlike building traffic). In most cases, on-site tactics are either free or much less expensive than trying to drive new clicks from outside. All you will need is time. Secondly, investing in generating and nurturing leads allows you to understand your target audience better and accumulate your own data, which will help your marketing strategy in the long run. No one does business alone anymore. Everyone (or at least everyone that matters to you) needs your involvement and cooperation, so unless you are investing in building a prospecting team, a lead team or an opt-in list, you will need someone to look after your leads. These leads can be anything from someone who has expressed an interest in your products or services to a person who has searched for you on a relevant search engine (e.g. Google). However, not all leads are good for your business. Here are a few types of leads to avoid: * Leads from news agencies or advertising agencies * Leads from companies you never heard of * Leads from companies whose products or services are totally unrelated to yours In order to avoid wasting your valuable marketing budget on leads that are not good for you, you should start to ask the questions that help you determine whether or not you should invest any marketing budget at all in that prospect. The more you know about them, the better your chances of getting a return on your marketing investment. These include: * What did they just buy? With all the uncertainty in today's market, knowing what your prospects read or buy encourages you to keep your marketing investment focused on what they really want. Your prospects' reading or buying habits will help you to determine what they really want and the most effective way to market to them. You need to understand if your prospects are likely to want your product or services. The better you know them, the easier it is to create an impactful campaign that both of you will be excited about. If they have a strong interest in your products or services, they will often respond positively to your calls and mailings. Then you can ask them to help you by forwarding your materials to others they know who may also be interested. The more people you ask to spread your messages or stickers, the better results you will see from your marketing effort. If they don't have a strong interest in your products or services, they will most likely ignore them. A word of caution here. Some prospects you want to ask may be embarrassed to ask others to forward your materials. They may be worried that they will make a terrible offer, look bad in front of a potential customer, and be ridiculed on social media for giving poor service. So, you should take this into consideration. * Be careful with some prospects who have a strong interest in your products or services but do not appear to be interested in you. If you ask a prospect who has a strong interest in your product or service to spread your messages or stickers for you, you may find that they have an overwhelming number of messages or stickers to pass along. They just don't have the time or energy to spread every piece of your marketing material. You should only ask this type of prospect once. Then, if they agree to pass your material on to others whom they know who are interested in your products or services, you can ask them again. You will see better results this time. Don't Make Offers To New Prospects Don't make offers of freebies to new prospects. This will generate a negative impression. They will see it as a bribe. Do Tell Your Prospects That You Want Their Comments Remember that just because a prospect has expressed an interest in your product or service that doesn't necessarily mean that they want to buy it. It is a process, not a sale. Make sure that you are spreading your marketing message while keeping your prospect's interest at heart. Do this by making offers of freebies to those who will provide comments on your products or services. Always ask for names, email addresses and names of contact persons of those who express interest in your products or services.

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