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How Do You Write an Internet Video Sales Page?


Our clients often ask us why it 's important to incorporate video content into their marketing efforts. Our answer is - when you consider the huge amount of people who visit these sites on a monthly basis, you quickly understand the appeal of a video sales page (or landing page). A sales page is simply an enticing sales pitch made via the video medium. Many people have a difficult time understanding web content or have short attention spans, so video marketing is a winning medium to help them to learn about you and your products or services. Not only does this make it more credible as a sales pitch, but you can include your logo as a background throughout the video. Potential customers will be more inclined to take you seriously when they see you and hear your voice speaking throughout the video.In addition, people do business with people they know, like and trust. Once they get to know about your or your business, they will be more inclined to hire you. When your sales page video is compelling, you will have an excellent medium to help your customers understand your product or service. Your sales page video can be about anything you want it to be. There is no need to create a piece that is just about your product. Create more personal pieces that are less professional when you are writing it. Your sales page video can be written in plain English, or it can be in as much detail as you want it to be. You don't need to use professional equipment to write a sales page video. You do need to know how to use it well, though so be sure you practice prior to making your video. If you don't know how to use video marketing, potential clients will be turned off and they won't take your sales pitch seriously. There's no need to create a video that's just about your product or service. When you do this, your potential customers will see your product or service every time you use the term product or service instead of a specific product or service name.. Customers don't want to be "sold to" but they like to have information before making a buying decision. .Your logo can be included as a background throughout your video, adding to your credibility and. It shows potential customers that you are serious about your product pr service. People are curious about what you have to offer. They want to find out and learn about your business. The more you answer their questions, the more they are interested in you.. You will have better chances to make sales with a video sales page script.

If you need assistance creating a script or making an internet video sales page, or landing page, Promo Xpertz can help. Contact Diane at 636-399-7777, email or visit our website at


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