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How to Use Various Marketing Strategies To Get More Links


Market your business online and drive traffic to your website with the help of guest posting. Guest posting is posting an article or white paper on another site and ideally, getting that original author's permission. This is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Let's say you have a service business, and you have an article that you believe can benefit another site, you may post it on their site as a guest post. In return, the site's owner may promote your article on their site, and charge money for their service or product. Guest posting is a great way to gain traffic and interest to your business' site. You have control over the distribution of your article, and you have control over the way it is used. The other site's visitors will find your article interesting and useful, and a search through the web for your services will bring up your article, and your business. As a marketer, I like to create articles and then place them on sites that I'm marketing to. Articles create traffic, and if I post articles on a site that has a decent amount of visitors, I become a credible source on that site. The more traffic you have, the more you are seen as an authority, the more likely your article will be read, and the more likely you are to be contacted by publishers. If you are driving traffic to your site through guest posting, you will have more visitors to your site than you ever imagined. This is a wonderful feeling, and you'll never guess how it improves your marketing efforts: the higher your traffic, the easier it is to get editors to notice you, and the easier it is to get your articles published. A lot of business owners go about trying to promote their business the old fashioned way - with a big ad in the local newspaper. Well guess what? That isn't working very well anymore. As you might know, the Google algorithm decided a few years back that it wanted all sites to be able to be ranked by their anchor text. What this means is that whenever you use a blog name in your ad, your ad will be ranked higher by the algorithm than if you didn't use a blog name. This doesn't affect your anchor text in your ad directly, but it affects your overall score by the algorithm. So what I mean is that if you don't have a blog name in your ad, your overall score won't be as low as it could be because a lot of sites that have blogs use them. The result of this is that a lot of marketers are putting all their eggs in the anchor text basket. Some companies are going about promoting their site very badly. That is by putting random words in their ad, and hoping they'll get ranked high. Since the anchor text won't have anything to do with the topic of your site, your ad won't be ranked very well by the Google algorithm. This is a direct form of spammy marketing. The other way is by doing a really good keyword research. You need to identify which keywords are relevant to your site's topic. Those are the keywords you should use in your ads. Since you can actually get a list of those keywords you can use in your ads, you want to pick keywords which are not already taken. After all, if you have a keyword which is a popular search term, you want to make sure that there's a good reason why people should search for that keyword. These keywords should appear at the top of your keyword list. You should only be using a small part of that list for your ads. Since you're ranking high, you should have lots of visitors to your site. What you want to see is lots of back links. So you should have a lot of other pages on your site with relevant keywords. These pages should be higher on the page list than your main page. If you have a lot of other pages with relevant keywords, and your main page ranks high, then you'll get lots of links back to your main page. When Google sees a lot of back links to a particular site, it will put the site higher in its list. What's the best way to use the back links? You want to have at least one other page on your site with a keyword as anchor text. How you do that depends on the pages on your site. Some people like to have many sub-pages with the same keyword as anchor text. Other people prefer to have one high ranking page with many sub-pages with a different keyword as anchor text. You should pick one and stick to it. The more links you have pointing to your main page, the higher you'll rank in the search engines. Advertise. This means to create ads with keywords in them. The key is to have an ad that appears on multiple pages of your site. That will cause more people to view the ad, and therefore get more links. These methods will work for any type of site. The trick is to know which methods will work for you, and how many of them you should use. If you don't know, ask someone who knows. The sooner you start to use the various methods the sooner you'll see your site ranking up. Of course, there are always alternatives to the methods mentioned here. For instance, you could start to use social bookmarking and social networking. Or you could start to use video ads instead of just text ads. The important thing is that you start. Just start!

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