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Promotional Products Are Effective When They Are Used As Brand Promotion Tools


As a Certified Marketing Consultant who specializes in helping my customers to select just the right promotional item to fit their budget, my clients often ask about the latest and greatest promotional item.

Sometimes it’s considered trendy to have the latest electronic gadget or branded item to give away as a low-cost marketing method to secure new clients but, more often, it is better to think about what you are going to do with that item once it is out of fashion and everyone seems to own one! (Think Cellphone wallets or Koozies!). The alternative is to provide tried and true useful items that a client will keep – desk accessories, writing instruments (good ones that they will love and ask if you have more of them), wearables such as ball caps, T shirts, jackets, etc.

First and foremost a good understanding of your target market will not only make choosing the best promotional products much easier but it is crucial to marketing success in all of your marketing channels. Your target market should be someone who shares similar values and priorities as you. This is the reason why the people you choose for your target market should be just like and not just similar to you. In order to have the right people in your target market you must understand their needs and wants. A good example is the use of promotional products for the purpose of acquiring new clients. In today's competitive market choosing someone who wants to do business with you is a daunting task. There are a lot of competitors on the market and the business customers are so competitive that they will choose the one that they think is the cheapest, fastest, toughest, best and so on. So, in a small business setting it is best to use a promotional product that will help the business customers to keep top of mind with current and future cusomers. However, in a big business, the marketing opportunity is to attract businesses in order to have customers purchase their products or services. There is no option but to market to the customers through advertising, sales promotion and public relations. In the process, there is also no option to have the customers see your brand's logo, brand name and products as the best option in buying the products or services. So, in order to have the best brand visibility in the marketplace, it is best to have customers buy their products through sales promotions etc. On the other hand, promotional products can be used in marketing your business to existing clients. As they are familiar with your brand, your brand name and your products, they can serve as a reference for your company in the future. Also, existing clients will bring your brand name, your logo, and the company's sales promotions to mind whenever they see your promotional product. Also, existing clients will recommend your brand to their friends, who will tell their friends about your company. So, in a way, your existing clients and the existing clients' friends and their friends can be used as your brand's advertising channel. The selection of promotional gifts for the purpose of marketing your business and the brand, can also be easy in a big business if the gift is chosen wisely. A useful product, that can serve your purpose, will be highly effective in getting the most out of the work. For example, if you want to promote your brand through a decorative item, a useful item like a pen, an item which is something that a lot of people will carry around, a computer mouse pad, an umbrella, etc., are all excellent options. When the customers use your product, they will be reminded of your brand and the products and services offered by your company. In turn, these products and services will have a lot of opportunities to advertise your company's brand. This strategy can also be used in a bigger scale, when you give away gift items in business occasions like trade shows, conferences, and so on. Also, a promotional item such as a promotional USB thumb drive can be given away as promotional gift, keeping your company name in front of current and future customers.

If you need assistance in selecting low-cost useful items, contact me at Promo Xpertz LLC. Use my over twenty-five years of experience in marketing strategy, PR and Promotional Products to select just the right advertising specialty item for your budget. Contact Diane at , or call 636-399-7777 or visit the company’s website to choose from over 30,000 promotional items, .


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