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B2C Marketing: How Branding and a website helped a restoration company look like it’s larger competitors as a small company.

Summary – A remodeling and contracting company, Xtreme Remodeling, now has a professional look.  With their new website they are able to direct potential leads there to schedule estimate sessions and inform their target audience more of what they do.

The Challenge:

The owner of Xtreme Remodeling was just starting to build his business and needed a professional look and a website to have a digital forefront.  We needed a look to match his style of business with a look that tells potential customers that they are the professionals to hire.

The Solution:

  • Design a logo package that will have the professional look to match competitors while still showing the enjoyment of owning a remodeling and contracting business.

  • Design and develop a website that has lots of call to action attention and easement for the potential customer to set up schedules for a free estimation.

The Result:

Xtreme Remodeling has the look and feel their company wants to have represent them to existing clients and new customers.


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