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Any type of content for your digital marketing is great, but video and interactive content is the best for attention and return rates! Plugging a video into your social media or website is an incredible way to not only keep potential and current customers in the know, but is also a great form of search engine optimization.


With our traveling studio we can come to you or have places that can hold your studio needs!  We also understand the importance of calls to action and driving more leads to your doorstep and helping to keep your audience in the know about your business.


Adding a video to your marketing program and email campaigns can boost click through rates by 200 to 300 percent! The Xpertz are YouTube Certified. We produce, edit and upload your videos to your custom designed YouTube Channel.

We make your videos as memorable as possible, being sure to keep them in line with your brand strategy.  You can trust us to keep colors, fonts, logos and voice true to your brand, allowing your target audience to recognize the style and format of your brand’s videos online.


Social Media Videos

The Xpertz are very familiar with the social media platforms that allow you to promotoe your company.  As YouTube being one of the largest media giants for companies to use, we have developed a special YouTube program that will get your business noticed and online!


Having written testimonials on your website or social media is great content to have, but having a more interactive for of testimonials talking about how happy they are with your business is even better!  

How-to Videos

Show your audience that you are the expert in what you do.  You can do step-by-step instructional videos, or the informative tips and tricks video.  

Visual & Audio Effects

We produce videos that provide an immersive, visual and unique story for your brand. We know how to create videos that illustrate concepts, themes and products in a way that is tough to do with static images. And, to further tell your story, our videos use audio effectively to help you build a strong bond between your brand and your target audience.


Well planned, highly targeted marketing initiatives can help you achieve all those objectives, but not every marketing initiative is a good match for every objective. That’s where the Xpertz at Promo Xpertz step in.

No matter what the challenge, Promo Xpertz is your new secret weapon to maximize every marketing program, event, product launch, and so much more! 

You work directly with the principals who have your best interests in mind and we are with you every step of the way! Personal attention is our priority! 


Ready to Get Started?

Contact the Xpertz to help grow your business!  Call or email us today.

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