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B2B Marketing: Branding, physical marketing materials, and a splash page presence help an experienced engineer begin his own company.

Summary – Todd Davidson of Alliance Engineering was looking for an all over solution to have everything ready for when he went out and networked with previous companies he had worked for.

The Challenge:

Branding Alliance Engineering to look like a medium sized company, while having informative pieces of marketing to leave behind and a web site to drive potential clients to in order to sign up for their services

The Solution:

  • Design a logo package that will have the professional look of a medium sized company to match Todd’s lengthy experience.

  • Create business cards and matching brochure as leave behind marketing pieces which drove interested companies to his website.

  • Design and develop a splash website that has lots of call to action attention and easement for the potential clients to see Todd’s area of expertise and a place to sign up for his services.

The Result:

Todd has begun his business and been able to reach his client potential as of today.



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