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B2B Marketing: Build a responsive website for business partners and potential clients to use as an informative base on the lengthy list of iSymplify’s services and products.  Do expanded press releases and case studies to drive traffic to the site.

Summary – Lorie and Brad Burkemper, owners of iSymplify, were having difficulty with their current website.  They were looking for a solution that would allow them to be informative online, while also driving potential customers to their site so they could build a database, find a target market, and inform individuals of their current and upcoming services and products.

The Challenge:

Using existing branding, a new website had to be created.  With SEO and analytics added to the site, a database will be able to be created from the case studies and PR that will be sent out shortly.

The Solution:

  • Design and develop an immersive website that has lots of call to action attention and easement for the potential clients to see iSymplify’s current and future products and services.

  • Create an analytics page through Google and plug in Adwords and Adsense to have a full idea of who is visiting their site  to build a target market

  • Create interesting case studies that show the capabilities of iSymplify

  • Send out effective articles to online news outlets to help drive even more traffic to the site.

The Result:

ISymplify has a large immersive and attentive website for them to send potential clients to.  The case studies and PR and showing traffic on the analytics and a target market has begun to evolve into a database for sales.




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