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Three Tips To Raise Your Google Ranking.

Any type of content for your digital marketing is great, but video and interactive content is the best for attention and return rates! Plugging a video into your social media or website is an incredible way to not only keep potential and current customers in the know, but is also a great form of search engine optimization.

In this post we go over three types of video content you should be using for your marketing strategy. Watch, read, and find out how on the spot testimonials, repeated broadcasts, and how-to videos can help inform your audience and garnish views to boost your SEO!



Blogging may be old school, but believe it or not it works! When Google sees you blogging on your website, they acknowledge that you are paying attention to it. When Google sees you are paying attention to your website, they are going to pay attention to you. Goggle also uses the content in your blog for search engine optimization, or SEO. A blog will also help you curate posts for social media. Speaking of your social media…

Social Media

When you are posting on your social media, Google sees that! Facebook and Twitter work great, but you have to use a lot of the other applications too. One that is highly suggested is YouTube. Google owns YouTube, so when you search for certain things chances are pretty high that a YouTube video is going to pop up first. There is also a good chance it may be above the people paying to be at the top of Google because of the views it has garnished.

Google Applications

There are three Google applications that come to top of mind with a search. They are Google Trends, Google Alerts, and Google Adwords. By doing the research through these three applications, you can find what’s hot and trendy at the moment. Apply these trendy topics to your blogs and social media and use the hot content to share the wealth of being found easier on Google.


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