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What is the most popular promotional item you have ever received?


What is the most popular promotional item you have ever received?

As a promotional products distributor with over 20 years of experience assisting my clients to select just the right item with their budget, I am often asked

How do I use promotional products as a marketing tool?

Promotional products like pens, mugs, and key chains are great tools for any marketing campaign. They help businesses stand out from the crowd, and they’re fun to give away! Here’s how to get started: Choose the right item. First decide what kind of product you want to promote – business cards, stickers, pens, etc. Next, choose a design that appeals to your target audience.

If you sell to younger people, you might consider designs featuring popular TV shows or movies. If you’re selling to older customers, you could try an antique motif. Think about the location where your recipients will see your promotional items. Will they be outside, or inside offices? Are they hanging in bathrooms or kitchens? Make sure the design fits the setting. You don’t want to end up with a huge pile of pens that no one uses! Try to think of the message you want to convey with your promotional products before you start designing them. Use promotional items to attract new customers, reward loyal ones, advertise special events, or just make friends.

Keep track of everything you do. When you send out promotional items, ask each recipient to fill out a short form with his or her contact info. Send thank-you notes after each transaction. Then add all the data to your database. Look for trends over time or patterns in who gets what. Once you know what works, you can plan future promotions based on your results. And remember, every little bit helps! What types of promotional items do people keep?

People tend to hold onto promotional items they receive from business events and trade shows. Promotional items may come in various forms. Some promotional items are tangible, like pens, mugs, T-shirts, and key chains. Others are intangible, like pens, mugs, T-shirts, and key chains. Promotional items can also take the form of awards and plaques. How much of my marketing budget should I spend on a promotional item as a giveaway?

You need to consider how much product you want to sell, what kind of market you're targeting, and how long you plan to use the item before considering whether to buy it. You might want to consider buying something like a T-shirt or coffee mug that you can customize or even order printed. This will allow you to make sure your message gets out there. If you're giving away a bunch of items, they may not be used, or people won't know what to do with them. Consider the size of the market and what messages are popular and choose accordingly.

One of my clients' recently received a $900 order because an employee was standing in line wearing a branded T shirt from his company. Pretty good for a $20 investment! According to my client "Promotional items do work!".

If you would like a free marketing assessment on the type of promotional item that would be best to promote your brand to your ideal customer, contact the Xpert at Promo Xpertz, Diane Carson, at 636-399-7777, email or visit the company’s website at


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