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Three SECRETS for your Facebook Business Profile.

A lot of companies that have Facebook business profiles don’t realize they are using the most basic form of a business page. Whether you think Facebook is a dead social media for your business or not, it can't hurt having a business profile. Below are three things you should be implementing when you create or manage your Facebook business profile!


Set up your page template

In your business page settings there is a tab that allows you to edit the page. Inside that option there is a section labeled templates. This will allow you to access way more options on your business profile page. For instance you can use a service template which will allow you to list all of your services you offer customers and lead them into more information on your site. Or even better book you for that service. They have a shop template that allows you to link products your selling so people can purchase from what they see on Facebook!

They also display many different call to action buttons and have different store front looks for your business profile. You can even customize those templates on what side buttons you’d like to display or take down.

There are a ton of other options too, so check out which one would be best for your business.

Get Verified

There is a bit of speculation on if this works or not between some marketers, but in my mind it never hurts to do it. It can only benefit you.

Getting verified means exactly what it sounds like. Being a verified Facebook business account has a couple benefits to it.

First, when you become verified you get that little check mark next to your name letting visitors know you are the real deal. This was mainly made for the celebrities to let their followers know they are the actual person and not some fan that has made a fake account. Although this can be good for a business too because then customers will know they are reviewing the correct business when giving you those five star ratings, or if the actual content being fed to them is really coming from the experts mouth.

Facebook will even tell you that will rank higher in search engines after you become verified. This is the speculated part because so many have done tests on this, but a conclusion has not been definite.

It’s super easy to become Facebook verified. In the business page settings, under the general section, the second option down says page verification. Click edit and either supply them with you phone number and they’ll call with a code, or you can supply a jpeg of your articles of organization. It usually takes about a day or two to become verified.

Fill out all that information in the About section

One last thing I don’t want to leave out is to fill out all that information that goes into your profile. It helps connect the dots when boosting posts, promoting your site, or doing back end ads. Plus you benefit so much on the SEO when the search engines pull off that content to fill out with their search queries. Using long tail marketing terms is a great way to benefit off of that.

Something that’s really important to do is to create that username. It helps identify your company in the search engines when people are searching for you. So what I mean is get that “@yourcompanyname” . Then your domain on Facebook would be


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