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Three Things to do to improve your video marketing content.


Having written testimonials on your website or social media is great content to have, but having a more interactive form of testimonials talking about how happy they are with your business is even better! With a small amount of additional effort, you can collect a few video testimonials that will tell more than text ever could.

At the end of a sale or if you interact with a frequent happy customer, politely ask them if they'd be willing to record a short interview or speak in front of your camera on how you satisfied their needs. It also helps if you offer them an incentive such as a one-off free service or product offering. This is a very beneficial trade for the extra business that should be brought in.

Make sure you are prepared before filming. Have a short list of questions at hand, and provide the list to the individual doing the testimonial before hand. Use the "What, Why, and How" method of questioning. What do you like about our product/service? Why do you continue to use our product/service? How has our product/service benefitted you?

When bringing your customers or clients in for a shoot don't forget to also let them plug in their name and company. Its a great method of cross referring business. After you have the content you are looking for, don't forget to edit it if you have the experience and know how to do it!

Consistency is the key!

Make time to do a weekly, monthly, or even daily broadcast. When you are consistently uploading these to your social media and your website, it is beneficial to your SEO and can easily be posted and shared through all major social networks. The best social platform to really increase your SEO is YouTube! Google owns YouTube. By using that as your main video releasing platform Google will, in turn, pay attention to your SEO.

If you're having trouble thinking of consistent content, use some of these examples.

1. Display a new product or announce a new service.

2. Do a shout out to exemplary people you've done business with.

3. Keep your followers informed about upcoming events.

4. Provide industry tips from your business experience.

5. If it has been awhile since your last post, you can also just simply say hello to your audience. The list could go on with all sorts of ideas for content.

When you've completed your consistent broadcasts, don't forget to share them on social media and encourage others to share as well!

Be the Xpert!

Show your audience that you are the expert in what you do. You can do step-by-step instructional videos, or the informative tips and tricks video. Sound familiar? It should because if you clicked and watched the video above, then you would see our how-to video!

How-to videos are immensely popular across all platforms of social media. These videos are not just for TikTok or Instagram and FB anymore. Your customers strive on information about what you do. It's one of the top ways they can assess if they are going to get their return on investment by choosing to use your product or service.

Use these how-to videos to teach potential customers about concepts, tricks, or lessons that are relatively straightforward and simple about your product or service. Don't forget to keep the videos somewhat short. Short and simple how-to videos will perform better and keep your potential customer's attention.

These types of videos are not only an incredible way to show the audience you know what you're talking about, but is also a great opportunity to promote your product or service without being too heavy-handed. A great example is clothing companies posting a video showing a few ways on how to wear their clothing. It's incredibly effective, and offers value while still promoting the product.

If you'd like to learn more about different types of video content to include in your marketing strategy, just contact the Xpertz at (636) 399-7777

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