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Stop Writing About What You Need to Say!


Understanding news and content values will help you select strong ideas for content marketing, conduct the right research, and better pitch journalists, publishers and webmasters. When your content is newsworthy it can better compete in a sea of content fighting for peoples attention. When it comes to content marketing strategy and strategy formulation you may have too many ideas, or it may be too late. After a great content campaign, or perhaps you have just hit your stride, it's time to look back to see what worked (if anything) and what didn't. With hindsight you can see which ideas weren't good. But the market needs your idea! In this economy it is critical that you are able to look back and see what did and didn't work. This will save you time, effort and money in the long run, allowing you to create a more effective content marketing strategy going forward. It's essential that you look back at your content, or you will be late to the game. With a content strategy and strategy formulation you can create a more effective, powerful and focused strategy for your business going forward. There are lots of ideas which were great in theory but failed in practice. But there are lots of great ideas which worked in theory and actually ended up working fantastically! It is essential that you understand the difference. To begin with, there are plenty of great content ideas which would have been great in theory but which didn't make sense in practice. If it was about a subject which was on the news a couple of weeks ago the idea might have made sense, but it didn't make sense in a context where people are really interested in what you have to say today. It was already clear a couple of weeks ago, that something about the content just didn't work for you. This is often the case with subjects that you write about. I would suggest a couple of things to do when it comes to content strategy and strategy formulation. If you are going to write a blog post about this topic, don't do a really great blog post. The blog post should focus on how you're going to write the article. Ask yourself "how can I change the article to change the topic?". If you have already written an article on a topic that is old history, the best thing to do is to save it. Ask your friends if they know of any other interesting places where you could submit your content, saving lots of time! You will already have an outline for the article. You can use that outline as a basis for the article on which you are going to write. It will still be up to you to fill in the blanks.

One of the key things which will make you a better writer is to ask your friends for suggestions. Getting a lot of feedback will help to improve your writing.

If you need assistance with content writing such as blogs, brochures, web content, contact Diane at Promo Xpertz LLC. email Diane at or call 636-399-7777.


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