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Five Ways Companies Can Create Compelling Videos To Grow Their Business


What does it take to make a compelling social media video? Here are our top tips for social media videos that turn eyeballs into action. 1. This is the most important point. Understand the needs of your target audience! Do your homework and find out what your audience needs and wants. For example, if your brand is geared toward men, then research more deeply to see what males’ needs are to feel confident in their skills and to engage in conversation. 2. Provide value. It's not enough to show how great you are because no one is listening. You need to provide value. Make sure that the video you produce convinces viewers that they would be proud to follow you and enjoy learning about and doing business with your company. 3. Keep it short. There's no need to spend a long time showcasing yourself or your company. You need to keep it short so that viewers can simply watch the video and not leave your social media channels. It's also important to keep it short so that you don't waste their time. 4. Find the moment when your content hits the viewer. When your video gets to the point where viewers want to watch it, make sure that you take one more step forward. Make sure that the moment when the video hits the viewer is also one when viewers are really interested in watching what you're doing. 5. Make sure you have a clear and concise way for viewers to give their opinion. To engage your audience, interaction is an important feature. The more you engage your audience, the more they get to know, like, and trust you, the more likely they are to do business with you.

In conclusion, the number one thing is to watch for what your audience is looking for. Always keep the focus on your audience. Your video must always show exactly what your company offers or it might be counterproductive. Always be aware of what your viewers want.

If you need help with creating successful, compelling videos, contact the Xpertz at Promo Xpertz! With over 25 years of marketing experience under their belt, they know how to write and produce videos that get attention. Contact Diane at 636-399-7777, email, or visit the company’s website at


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