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How to Improve Your Media Presence for Small Businesses


For small business owners, every dollar has to go a long way. Getting journalists and influencers to write about your business will cost you more in time than money. By using PR as a marketing initiative, you're continually working on building trust and credibility for your brand without spending a lot of marketing dollars. Another benefit of using PR to move your marketing forward is that you are also building relationships and influencing people without being intrusive. Marketing and Influencing Strategies for Small Businesses There are a number of ways to promote your business without spending too many marketing dollars but you'll also be improving your position in the marketplace as well. You can do influence Marketing by improving your public image. You can always hire an agency for expert marketing and influencers to help you but this is costly. Why not get your business mentioned in the media instead? You can produce influence campaigns by contacting your local media and providing them with articles and communications. They can be sent to newspapers, radio stations, magazines, business owners, or even email addresses. This is a great way to get your business in the spotlight and improve your position in the marketplace without being intrusive. The point is that by sending press releases to the media you're influencing your customers. By improving your image you're also improving your reputation. Most importantly you're also building relationships and influencing people. Small businesses often have little presence in the press and influencing people is an important part of growing a business. Influencing people is what separates the successful businesses from the unsuccessful ones. Most people don't like to influence others but that's what small businesses are here to do. So you see, there are a number of ways to improve media presence for small business owners without spending a lot of the marketing budget. Media influence is the key to getting noticed. Most people have no presence on media and therefore they have no influence. They need to be in the press to influence others. Most people don't like to be influenced and, therefore, they will avoid media even when there is an audience. And that's exactly what influence marketers want. Their products and services should be published because they're experts in their field. Without being in the media in some form or another, you're also missing out on gaining leads and sales. Most people are consumers too. When a consumer sees a product or service being published, they want that notoriety. There are great success stories are a result of publishing those success stories in the media. So why would you publish media success stories instead of doing something different? The answer is influence. Without influence you're just being ignored in the media. What's the point of being in the media if nobody knows about you? Promo Xpertz are experts at writing and conducting PR campaigns for people, products and services. If you are struggling with how to use PR in your marketing tool kit, talk to Diane about their press release writing and distribution service at 636-399-7777 or email Check out the company's website at


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